Web design trends

As every year, we bring you the latest trends in web design that will allow us to create original and modern websites, with which even a novice freelance web designer can create creative websites.

The success of any business, blog, brand or online store, depends on the natural tendency to enter our eyes in a short time to encourage navigation by users and do not abandon the first change in favor of the thousands of alternative options that exist to ours.

Web development is the most technical part of a site, and in general it is based on normative rules, but do not think that it is an exact science, so the capacity to be creative and innovative is infinite.


Google Chrome, by far the most popular browser, penalizes sites that do not have the SSL protocol installed. So every day, more web pages use HTTPS although we are still far from having encrypted sites in the vast majority, although this trend in web design will increase during the year. And this not only makes your site a safer place, but also improves SEO, as well as protecting the privacy of your visitors and your content, from undesirable ads, and improving your analytics.


Progressive Web Apps are the technology most used by Google search engines. This new technology has been imposing itself on the internet throughout this year. These new technologies implemented in the websites, are intended to achieve that certain actions can be performed regardless of the quality of connection on the network.

Flat Fluid Web Development

The flat design or flat web design has been on the internet for several years now and more and more websites can be seen with this kind of design. This flat design has been mutating and improving and is now much more fluid.

Diagonally divided sections

Normally, the sections that divide a web page are made up of straight lines, which makes those sections into rectangles. But this year, this type of section will be replaced by websites that use diagonal lines and elements, whose maximum exponent is Stripe.

Chatbots or autonomous robots

Artificial intelligence has come to stay in our lives, and one of its branches is conversational artificial intelligence. Chatbots provide the user with the opportunity to ask questions to the web without the need for a real person to answer, saving costs and increasing profits and efficiency. The continuous improvement of this type of artificial intelligence means that a robot can maintain a fluid and meaningful chat with a human user.

The ghost buttons: the retro thing comes back

Phantom buttons are characterized by being opaque and not having a background color, or transparent. They were in fashion for a while, and then lost their prominence. At present, new trends in marketing have made them fashionable again, since they are mainly used to carry out secondary actions together with background images, leaving the most eye-catching buttons for the important actions to be promoted within the website.

Less intrusive popups

A few months ago, Google published that those web pages where very aggressive advertising pop-ups would jump would be penalized when ordering the SERPS. In this new era, websites are beginning to do without this type of annoying and negative ads for navigation that occupy the entire screen, so as not to be punished by Google.

Material design

Material Design, is still a trend to take into account in web design because it makes it much easier for a website to become responsive in a much more effective way than complicated three-dimensional designs. The design material is a direct son of Flat design and is based on tangible objects.

Headlines, titles and big headlines

Following the trends in web design and also related to the previous point and to web communication, next year we will see a proliferation of titles or headlines with large letters in the style of newspapers, followed by direct content, as if they were a written means of communication, going from being just content, to common active elements to better connect with our target audience.

One- Page designs: all-in-one, more visual and attractive websites

One-page websites show us all the information on one page at a glance. This makes them more manageable and accessible from the users’ point of view. In addition, browsers index them more efficiently, and facilitate navigation on mobile devices, considerably improving SEO.

Mobile phones first

The use and abuse of mobile devices is constantly increasing, this is nothing new, so it will inflluence web design, even considering it for mobile platforms directly, and then the responsive design will be adapted to computers, tablets and other devices.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

It is a type of voice control that allows the user to communicate directly with the device as if it were a person. Despite being a fairly new technology, it is growing exponentially, and will be a trend in web design.

Augmented reality

An idea inherited from video games, augmented reality is making its way as a trend in web design. The interaction of the web with the Internet user is becoming easier for the latter, since most devices have video cameras.
simple, since most devices are equipped with cameras.

Sticky navigation

Or “sticky navigation” The “Above, below and at the sides of the website,” to avoid overloading and disturbing the user. This provides the surfer with more brand relevant information on promotions, chatbots, calls to action and links to social networks.

Progress Spectrum

This upward trend allows you to measure the user’s progress on a website without disturbing them. This tool guides the visitor in each of the steps to direct them towards a certain objective, and is very useful to achieve conversions in e-commerce, facilitating the purchase process.

It is fundamental to understand that trend theory is not an exact science, it is not rigid. But not taking them into account will almost certainly condemn you to failure.

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