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Nowadays, practically all the tasks that we carry out through a computer are carried out thanks to the implementation of an application software. These are programs that are designed to facilitate this work for users, mainly when it comes to specific tasks that require a specialized system. We use a large number of applications on many devices on a daily basis, although the main ones are those related to office automation.

We refer to spreadsheets, word processors or databases, among others. But there are also other types of applications that we usually use on a regular basis although they are focused on more specialized fields. This is how we use medical, educational, musical or accounting applications.

The importance of software

Depending on the functionality that the different application software has, we can classify them into two types of programs. On the one hand, we have the basic ones, which include all the applications that have to do with the good development of the computers and mainly they tend to present a more technical aspect.

The others are the so-called productivity ones, which are going to focus on making the tasks easier for the users who use their computer. They are usually the most concrete and specific applications, since each one of them offers an exclusive service in the different sectors.

Characteristics and classification of the applications

It is clear that today there are thousands of applications that we use on a daily basis to carry out our tasks. As there are so many experts in the sector, they classify these programs into four different categories, and in each one the applications have their own characteristics.

In the first point we find the business applications. Here one of the most used programs is the word processor. Thanks to them we can write texts, delete them, check spelling, make changes in writing, modify the font, among many other things. Spreadsheets also belong to this group, which are number processors to create templates where you can make formulas, do operations and even include texts.

Then we have the databases, which are a fundamental tool to be able to have control of all the information that we have saved in the computer and consult it quickly when we need it. Finally the last business application we are going to refer to are the graphers, which are used to create tables, graphs and all kinds of illustrations.

On the other hand, the next group in the classification are the personal applications. They refer to all the programs that we use outside the scope of work. We can thus have our own address book, a personal notebook, a calendar to consult the most relevant dates or the email to send and receive messages.

Business and personal applications are followed by entertainment applications. Although within this type of applications there are also educational ones. Finally, the last group to which we must refer are the props applications. These are those that are going to help us improve the maintenance of our computer and have it always updated with the latest versions of the most technical programs.

All the computers we use nowadays are composed of hardware and software. While the first one refers to the physical part of the computer, the second one focuses on the logical part of it. That is why we have to take this into account when including these applications in our computer.

In any case, each application software is developed according to the main characteristics of a specific operating system, so when using any of these applications we must do it with the appropriate system, since not all software is compatible.

In short, application software is the software that helps us to carry out different types of tasks. Each one of them is programmed to offer its services within a more specific field or sector and based on the different computer systems that exist in the market.